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PTL Table

PTL table provides complete solution for scientists to work in field efficiently and have all necessary placements built inside the table and covers most of the tests for food quality assessment.

PTL table has built‐in devices for instant testing.

PTL Table has:

1.Milk Analyzer for:

∙ Fat

∙ Solid non Fat (SNF)

∙ Density

∙ Proteins

∙ Lactose

∙ Added water

∙ Salts

2.Digital Refractometer for:

∙ Range; 0 to 85 % Brix / 0 to 80 °C (32 to 176 °F)

∙ Accuracy: ± 0.2 %Brix / ± 0.3 °C (±0.5 °F)

∙ Temperature Compensation: Automatic between 10 and 40 °C

∙ Measurement Time: Approximately 1.5 seconds

∙ Minimum Sample Volume: 100 μL (cover prism totally)

3.One wash basin under the table as drawer

4.One electric water tap

5.Water reservoir for table

6.Water bath

7.Place for Pipettes

8.Place for Lactometer

9.Test tube stand built in table

10.Place for milk kit bottles

11.Place for media bottles

Extra Features:

Table is designed smartly so Milk analyzer and water bath will also be fully functioning with car battery

Foldable Table

Low weight

Easy to transport

Made with high quality fiber