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Latte Adultrazione Milk Kit

Latte Adultrazione (Milk Kit)

Food adulteration is a global concern and developing countries are at higher risk associated with it due to lack of monitoring and policies. However, this is one of the most common phenomena that has been overlooked in many countries.

Unfortunately, in contrast to common belief, milk adulterants can pose serious health hazards leading to fatal diseases. Adulteration in milk has been a cause of concern for both the Government and the Dairy Industry.The detergent in milk can cause food poisoning and other gastrointestinal complications. Its high alkaline level can also damage body tissue and destroy proteins.

Other synthetic components can cause impairments, heart problems, cancer or even death. While the immediate effect of drinking milk adulterated with urea, caustic soda and formalin is gastroenteritis, the long-term effects are far more serious.

Keeping in view the health hazard of adulterated milk, Scientists developed milk testing kit Latte Adultrazione in Pakistan to test following different adulterants in milk

1. Urea

2. Boric Acid

3. Formalin

4. Sodium Chloride

5. Hydrogen Peroxide

6. Carbonate

7. Soap

8. Hypochlorite

9. Sorbitol

10. Starch

11. Detergents

12. Sugar